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You won’t find us blogging about artists and painters often at HD Portal. To be honest that just ain’t our bag baby!

But one thing we do like to do is we are always on the lookout for up and coming stars. This week we have found a new kind of artist, one that very much suits our taste. As you may have realized from following our blog we like to focus on technology in Europe, and here we have a European artist who employs innovative tech to create her art objects.

Well this artist is based in Norway and she is pushing the boundaries of what can be created with a 3D pen or printer.

See the latest news on 3D printing in this Reddit thread.

The art is based on 3D painted plastic, which she creates with a 3D pen or 3D printer. If it is news to you that you can create objects out of plastic then you should look at her post on 3D printing materials which describes exactly what you can create with different types of plastic.

We like the fact that she incorporates both technologies and LED lighting in some of her designs, as can be seen from this 3d printed wine rack.


3d printed winerack



This just looks stunning..and shows

And shows you that you can do so much more as an artist if you open yourself up to the options in the tech world.

There are also a couple of very informative videos on her site, and they give away free copies of stencils and all sorts of other goodies. You can also browse her list of cheap 3D pens in which she goes over the pros and cons of the more affordable 3D pens on the market.

We wish this up and coming Norwegian artist all the best for 2017 and hope that she can continue the good work. We certainly would recommend you browse through her portfolio, and if you ask nicely some of the items may even be for sale.

No prices are listed on the website, and she does not mention if these objects can be bought so its best to ask.

What’s also cool about her art is that many of the objects which she created are very functional; ranging from handbags, 3d printed vases, wine racks, backpacks…and many more interesting and cool designs.

Pen and Plastic is a company which we can get behind. Congratulations with the new website and we are proud to feature you in this week’s tech blog.

What do you guys think, should we do more of these features?

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This is John signing off for now. See you in a few weeks’ time where I may have something very special lined up in the form of new developments from Tesla Motors!

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Tesla expanding their supercharging network to Prague

Hello and Welcome to my Tesla blog

Welcome to my very first blog about Tesla Motors and my experience as owner of a Tesla P85D. I hope you will find this blog informative, fun and that you will follow me through my journey of owning my first Tesla in Norway.

This just in, the latest in European tech news is that Tesla Motors will be expanding their supercharging network in Czech.

This is a much-needed upgrade to connect the east with the west, for Tesla drivers at least.


Prague supercharging station incoming!

The latest news coming from Tesla motors is that Czech will receive two more supercharging stations, to complement the one currently in Humpolec (around 80km from Prague).

This news can be seen on Tesla’s supercharger map https://www.tesla.com/no_NO/findus#/bounds/49.6573504,17.396027,49.5329452,17.1630437,d?place=olomoucsupercharger&search=store,service,supercharger,destination%20charger

which includes plans for a charging station in the center of Prague, as well as one in Olomouc, around 150 km towards the south-west, close to the Polish and Slovak borders.

This is great news for those heading through Germany to Hungary for example, total diet as previously it was very difficult to make the trip all the way from the Supercharger just outside Dresden to the one in Brno for example.

Now with the charging station in Prague, Tesla drivers can relax and enjoy a stroll around St Charles bridge or one of the beautiful medieval cathedrals.

The stations are planned to be operational at the end of 2017, and for now Tesla drivers are recommended to use destination charging or one of the many type 2 plugs available.

This American company is spreading their wings across the pond and we here at HD Portal are glad to report that these 2 charging stations are not the only plans for their ever-growing supercharging network.

Many more stations are planned for the center of Europe, especially in France. Also, Tesla plans a couple along the Mediterranean, in Italy and Spain especially. This will enable those from the colder parts of Europe to drive down to South in search of sunny weather and a bit of a tan!

What do you think about these plans, please share with us in the comment section below. If you know of any supercharging stations coming up near you, or can recommend any good destination charging hotels we would love to hear about it.

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If you want you can leave a comment in the comment section below. I always appreciate hearing from fellow Tesla motorists about where you think the next supercharging station should be placed, or just anything you might have on your mind. If not then check out my next post or return to Clov is in the South East for an overview of all the articles on my blog.