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Looking for a stylish kitchen to go with your stylish electric car. Well look no further, we highly recommend you try Glacier’s Faucet range, available from Amazon.

If you have a Glacier Bay faucet, then there’s a fantastic chance that it came from Home Depot, that’s the only outlet for that new plumbing products. It is no longer a futile exercise to go to Home Depot to search for parts to your faucet — that the big box store now stocks many replacement components that you can locate online in addition to by seeing in person. The people at Home Depot may be able to order it if you’ve got a faucet, but it’s possible to get in touch with the manufacturer yourself.

Get the Manufacturer

Glacier Bay taps are manufactured by Globe Union Industrial Corp, a Chinese company that operates in the United States as Globe Union USA and in Canada as Globe Union Canada. This firm has its own brand — Gobo — and it’s a significant supplier for such well-known faucet makers as Peerless, Chicago Faucets, Danze and Toto. Glacier Bay — like Aquadyne and Pegasus — are private tap tags for products distributed solely by Home Depot.

You can also shop for faucets from If you want to read more about these amazing faucets be sure to check out the Glacier Bay faucets review.


Concrete blocks in the hardware store

credit: Igor Aronov/iStock/Getty Images

The company that produces Glacier Bay toilet products, North American conglomerate Foremost Groups, does not sell these products directly. It spreads them exclusively through Home Depot, and that’s really where you should go if you will need a replacement part for your Glacier Bay toilet. You may have the ability to use a generic replacement part, however, and if so, you can probably get it at any hardware store.

Finding Your Own Toilet Model

Before getting in your car and driving into the nearest Home Depot, begin your search by visiting the home improvement outlet’s website, notably its own Glacier Bay toilets and seats. In case the preceding link does not work, click into the website’s home page and place your browser arrow over “Bath & Faucets” in the Department menu at the left of the webpage, then pick “Water Saving Toilets”. When you click on that link you’ll visit a page with a drop-down menu labeled “Brand.” Pick “Glacier Bay” in that menu to arrive at most of the Glacier Bay bathroom models currently available at the shop. Find your version in the list of alternatives.

Shopping for Parts

Knowing your bathroom model name and quantity can allow you to locate the parts you need when you reach your regional Home Depot, but be ready for the possibility that the components are not in stock. Generally, you are going to need to settle for components from different manufacturers, although A sales clerk may have the ability to purchase them to you. By way of example, Glacier Bay bathrooms feature third-party fill and flush valves. It can help to bring the part that is defective so you can visually recognize a part, or at least one that will get the job done.

Most Parts Are Generic

The only sections of a Glacier Bay bathroom that you can’t replace with a generic product would be the bowl, tank and lid. The bowl conforms to normal dimensions, and it will be match by any seat. You may use flush and fill valves aside from those specifically recommended for Glacier Bay toilets, since the water inlet holes and flush openings at the tank possess dimensions and regular placement. The water supply hose is a typical one. The wax ring and bolts you need are generic, if you had to eliminate your toilet and reset it.

In the event the tank, lid or bowl on your Glacier Bay toilet should crack or split, you will likely find it easier to replace the whole toilet than trying to obtain a replacement part for your existing bathroom. Home Depot bowls, does not stock tanks or lids to your Glacier Bay toilets it sells. And for it to arrive, even though the customer support department may be able to order one, it may require up to a week, and you may end up paying for it as you would for a new bathroom.

The pre-Clovis occupation of Florida: The Page-Ladson and Wakulla Springs Lodge Data
James S. Dunbar 

The Page-Ladson stratigraphy provides the first well-dated, substantially uninterrupted, regional, Pleistocene-type section in the Southeast US. Near the bottom of that section is a pre-Clovis level with artifacts and Pleistocene megafauna remains. A battery of seven statistically related radiocarbon dates were taken on Unit 3 samples and, when averaged, yield an radiocarbon age of 12,425 ±32 14C BP. This radiocarbon age was calibrated to a calendar-year range from 14,588 to 14,245 cal. years BP. This means that humans utilized the Page-Ladson site about 1,500 calendar years before Clovis. Lanceolate projectile points made on thin flakes were recovered from displaced context at the Page-Ladson site and appear to be the most likely pre-Clovis candidates. The Wakulla Springs Lodge site yielded the same point type from the deepest level of the site along with preforms including a very large Simpson-like preform. Evidence from the Wakulla Springs Lodge site indicates that flakes extracted from large biface preforms, such as the Simpson preform, were used to manufacture smaller lanceolate projectiles. This point type has been named the Page-Ladson and is similar in many respects to the Cactus Hill pre-Clovis point. It will be the presenter’s intent to track the implications and evidence for per-Clovis Paleoindian activity over the landscape from Georgia into North Florida because it appears the mastodon and the Pre-Clovis Paleoindians migrated to the Page-Ladson site from Georgia. The implications of Paleoindian hunting strategies will be discussed.

James S. Dunbar, Senior Archaeologist
CARL Archaeological Program, Bureau of Archaeological Research
Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State

James S. Dunbar received a BA degree from the University of Florida and masters’ degree from Florida State University and is currently enrolled in graduate classes at FSU. In Feb. 1976 he began work as an archaeological field agent with the underwater archaeological program of the Florida Bureau. Since then his experience includes the inspection of historic and prehistoric sites both on land and underwater. He was coprincipal investigator of fieldwork and analysis carried out on the Paleoindian components at the Page-Ladson site. He now works with the CARL Archaeological Program and has been involved with numerous archaeological surveys conducted on state lands. His primary area of research interest is the Paleoindian occupation of Florida and the Southeast. Particularly, he is interested in the temporal, environmental, and technological aspects related to the Paleoindian Tradition including dietary evidence. He has published numerous archaeological articles, reports, and book chapters.

tesla supercharger

Hello and Welcome to my Tesla blog

Welcome to my very first blog about Tesla Motors and my experience as owner of a Tesla P85D. I hope you will find this blog informative, fun and that you will follow me through my journey of owning my first Tesla in Norway.

This just in, the latest in European tech news is that Tesla Motors will be expanding their supercharging network in Czech.

This is a much-needed upgrade to connect the east with the west, for Tesla drivers at least.


Prague supercharging station incoming!

The latest news coming from Tesla motors is that Czech will receive two more supercharging stations, to complement the one currently in Humpolec (around 80km from Prague).

This news can be seen on Tesla’s supercharger map,17.396027,49.5329452,17.1630437,d?place=olomoucsupercharger&search=store,service,supercharger,destination%20charger

which includes plans for a charging station in the center of Prague, as well as one in Olomouc, around 150 km towards the south-west, close to the Polish and Slovak borders.

This is great news for those heading through Germany to Hungary for example, total diet as previously it was very difficult to make the trip all the way from the Supercharger just outside Dresden to the one in Brno for example.

Now with the charging station in Prague, Tesla drivers can relax and enjoy a stroll around St Charles bridge or one of the beautiful medieval cathedrals.

The stations are planned to be operational at the end of 2017, and for now Tesla drivers are recommended to use destination charging or one of the many type 2 plugs available.

This American company is spreading their wings across the pond and we here at HD Portal are glad to report that these 2 charging stations are not the only plans for their ever-growing supercharging network.

Many more stations are planned for the center of Europe, especially in France. Also, Tesla plans a couple along the Mediterranean, in Italy and Spain especially. This will enable those from the colder parts of Europe to drive down to South in search of sunny weather and a bit of a tan!

What do you think about these plans, please share with us in the comment section below. If you know of any supercharging stations coming up near you, or can recommend any good destination charging hotels we would love to hear about it.

If you would like to read more about Tesla ownership costs, what it is like to own your own Tesla, and just various other cool tips and facts about the car and the manufacturer, then head over to my friends cool Tesla blog. He gives a first-hand experience of what it is like to own a Tesla and live the Elon Musk dream!

If you want you can leave a comment in the comment section below. I always appreciate hearing from fellow Tesla motorists about where you think the next supercharging station should be placed, or just anything you might have on your mind. If not then check out my next post or return to Clov is in the South East for an overview of all the articles on my blog.