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Origin of this 3D Pen Revolution

Modern 3D drawing pens are attracted into a fact with the 2013 debut of this WobbleWorks 3Doodler drawing pen. On the other hand, the concept of a handheld 3D drawing pen has existed for some time before then. The patent notes that these tools may be used for drawing in 3 dimensions but the mechanical controller in a 3D printer would have the ability to earn vastly superior shapes compared to hand.

The Matt wax simulating gun which has been referenced in the patent is shaped like a typical glue gun but was created for dispensing wax.

The rifle melts a pellet of wax having an internal heater and extrudes it from a nozzle. If the extruded wax is heated with a fan or from water, then it retains its shape and may produce intricate 3D contours. Even though these wax firearms aren’t so well-known, they’re used for producing wax models which could be cast into jewelry. Wax firearms provided the foundation for its performance for the idea of what a 3D drawing pen may be, but aren’t effective at making what contemporary 3D printing pens may. Find out more about 3d pens and printers to help you decide on what you want.

Wax firearms could create little 3D objects for market jewelry manufacturing economies, but a device for the regular user that may draw items by extruding plastic from the atmosphere wasn’t practical until the 3Doodler. Thermoplastics would be the ideal material to extrude out of a 3D pen. When extruded in lean strings, thermoplastics will cool quickly from the atmosphere. These alloys also have enough power to make self-standing constructions a lot more complicated than adhesive wax or firearms guns were capable of.

The thought for its 3Doodler 3D printing pen was spanned by 2 inventors, Maxwell Bogue and Peter Dilworth from the frustration of waiting 14 hours to get a 3D printing project to complete and then realizing that a lineup was skipped. Within a year later creating the idea, they started the WobbleWorks 3Doodler pen effort on Kickstarter, also increased $2.3 million out of a $30,000 target. When this massive requirement for 3D printing pens was made public, many other businesses soon followed with their own variations of this a 3D pen.

Since the initial introduction of this WobbleWorks 3Doodler, the amount of 3D printing pen firms has exploded. These businesses provide largely standard features but attempt to tweak a few of the drawbacks of different goods in an effort to catch the market of 3D pen enthusiasts. Most inventions on 3D pens concentrate mainly on endurance and expertise, but there are a number of businesses which are trying to present new encounters that attract 3D printing pens into a completely different level. A few of the standard features on almost all 3D drawing pens would be:

  • Temperature indication
  • Flexible temperature (for picking between PLA and ABS)
  • Extrusion rate controller
  • Filament shift switches.

Complex Characteristics of 3D Pens

Along with these typical design features, advanced characteristics that are of specific significance for 3D printing pen to achieve success are given below.

Even though it might not look particularly advanced, the best-rated pens have to have a high level of reliability and ease of any filament jam. Printing using a 3D pen by hand presents a massive quantity of variability and brings to jams. 3D Pen layouts which are well thought out are greatly tested and will offer dependable use and save hours of time throughout the pen’s life from having the ability to wash filament jams quickly.


The rate of this extrusion depends upon the elements of the pen, together with high-quality pens having the ability to extrude at speeds much higher than many others. A 3D printing pen with rapid extrusion rates saves time and supply an improved 3D printing encounter.


But 1 firm, LIX, creates a streamlined 3D pen that’s the smallest now available. Large or small, the selection involving size or dimensions is at front of the holder.

Filament kind

1 invention in 3D printing pens which requires them to a completely new degree is utilizing a UV light curing polymer as an extrusion substance (Polyes, Creopop). These pens use a liquid capsule that’s extruded in the room temperatures and tempered using UV LEDs that are put in the extrusion end of their 3D pen. These pens offer a benefit because there’s absolutely no warmth needed, so no possibility of burns without a warm-up time. UV-light treating pens are available with numerous colors, similar to plastics, and may even be used to draw bare skin. Moreover, the UV light may heal the extruded materials at a greater speed than thermoplastics, as they’re hardened nearly immediately. But a drawback of the pens is they need proprietary, UV-curing resins, which will be more expensive than conventional ABS or PLA filament.

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Reasons given for obtaining an electrical bicycle typically incorporate the exceptional riding pleasure, providing inspiration to bike more, staying healthy, gliding up hills, promising an appropriate and healthier degree of workout in addition to optionally arriving crispy and crispy at the destination, concern for the environment and future generations, saving cash, fascination with innovative technology and also the satisfaction of earning a forward-thinking buy.

Our clients discuss the feeling of pleasure, excitement, and pleasure that the riding provides, about their fascination with all the electrical bicycle’s unique ability to combine motor and human electricity, so it provides the majority of the benefits of the normal bicycle and owing to its shortcomings. Learn more about electric cars and bike kits.

The electrical bicycles we sell are for men and women that prefer to pedal–if all of the time or some of the time, barely or hard, or honestly just perfunctorily.

Though a number of our clients are healthy, and a few athletic, it’s satisfying the bike also uniquely gives an encouraging, empowering and enjoyable riding experience for all those people that wish to get fit, eliminate weight, have some impediment or haven’t ridden a bike for many years.

What about demographics like sex, age, schooling etc? The client base appears–we surely don’t ask–quite wide. Throughout the past couple of years, we’ve sold nearly as numerous bikes to women as compared to men. While we market bikes to people within their ’20s and also to people within their ’80s the greatest customer group contains busy youthful and ‘middle-aged’ individuals.
A fair amount of our Pacific Northwest clients even delight in riding year round.

Our clients appear bright and nicely educated (at least compared to us), though it would appear that neither will be asked to identify the apparent advantages of the electric bike?

Most gratifyingly our clients largely contact our shops since they anticipate an intentionally selected, quality electrical bicycle sold through a long established shop with a complete service section will boost their lives after the lieu of their initial buying experience has paled.

That are electric bicycles for?

Our clients discuss the feeling of pleasure, excitement, and pleasure that the riding provides, about their fascination with all the electrical bicycle’s unique ability to combine motor and human electricity, so it provides the majority of the benefits of the normal bicycle and owing to its shortcomings.

The Merchandise of The Upcoming

Sometimes we’re told that the electric bicycle is the item of their long run. Thank you.

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By figuring out how to utilize this year, it’s likely to troubleshoot controls, solenoids, field wiring, and also to confirm AC and DC voltage levels.

Electrical Conditions

Most irrigation solenoids work on AC voltage.

The meter must be attached properly to stop meter harm, the RED guide is (+), and also the BLACK guide is (-).
This is quite much like friction reduction by means of a sheet of PVC pipe.

Additional Conditions Used in Assessing Resistance

Resistance is easily the most valuable function for monitoring irrigation methods. It’s best to compare immunity dimensions to this a brand new solenoid. But in case a solenoid of the identical brand steps 24 ohms when fresh, it might be a sign that the is deteriorating and must be replaced.

Brief – if the resistance measured is 20 ohms for one solenoid. In case the quantity of current exceeds the rating of this device, it is going to open, therefore quitting the 24 volts into the valves.

Think about this as with a stone lodged in the mainline of a sprinkler system. The immunity may rise to the point that the solenoid doesn’t find enough voltage to function.

HINT… To keep in mind the distinction between an open and a brief. An open drawbridge prevents the stream of traffic.
NOTE… .When two valves are worked collectively on one channel, the entire resistance will be significantly less than the immunity of their lowest solenoid. Case in point: when a 52 solenoid along with a 24 solenoid are united on precisely the exact same channel, the entire resistance is roughly 17, significantly less than the immunity of their cheapest solenoid (24.)

Employing The Multimeter

These instructions are written particularly for the Radio Shack catalog No. 22-179 Digital Multimeter.

AC volts – twist the dial to the AC squat position, AC will reveal at the lower left corner of the screen. Twist the meter probes into the circuit which you want to measure. NOTE…When that the mV is busy to the right of this screen, split the reading by 1000. Example, the screen shows 061 mV, the true measurement is 0.061 volts.

DC volts – twist the dial to the DC squat position. NOTE..When that the mV is busy into the right of this screen, the scanning has to be divided by 1000. Example, the screen shows 061 mV, the true measurement is 0.061 volts.
Resistance – To avoid meter harm, it’s extremely essential that the circuit electricity is turned off when measuring immunity. This indicates infinite immunity, an open circuit. The screen indicates the immunity.

NOTE. After the M is busy into the right of this screen, the reading must be multiplied by 1,000,000. Example, the screen shows 41.2 K, the true measurement is 41,200 ohms.

NOTE. .When measuring immunity from the control, you’re measuring the resistance of the cables resulting in the solenoid via the cable connector, the solenoid, the next cable connector, along with the cable resulting in the control. A resistance to these control cables doesn’t add considerably to the entire resistance. UFUL 14 is roughly 2.5 ohms per 1,000 ft, 16 gauge UFUL cable is roughly 4.0 ohms per 1,000 ft, and 18 gauge UFUL multi-conductor cable is roughly 6.5 ohms per 1,000 feet.

The Way to Interpret Display Cases

Multiply the reading from 0.001 if the MV is busy.


1,004 ohms
Multiply the reading from 1,000 if the K is busy.

Understanding how to run a meter may save substantial time when studying the wiring on work website. It’s possible to inspect the solenoid and area wiring state from the control. The Process is as follows:

Resistance Measurements

1. Disconnect the frequent cable(s) in the terminal strip on the control.


3. Connect among the meter contributes to the frequent cable and not the control common terminal.

4. Twist the next meter direct to every one of the channel terminals, and document the resistance readings. Assess your readings into the acceptable assortment of 20 – 60 ohms.

5. NOTE. .This test just inspects the state of the wiring, the channel might not function properly due to control and/or valve issues.

6. If the resistance range is 20 ohms (a brief), proceed into the valve and detach the solenoid in the field cables. If the dimension is still reduced, then the solenoid has to be substituted. If the solenoid immunity is okay, then the brief is in the area wiring itself (just two solenoids linked to the channel may also generate a minimal reading). Wire tracing equipment ought to be employed to find the issue.

7. If the immunity is over 60 ohms (an open), as in step 7, then test the solenoid with no area wires connected. Replace the solenoid if its immunity is over 60 ohms. If the solenoid is great, cut the cable connectors and join the channel and common cables together in the valve location. In the control, re-test the immunity without the solenoid from the circuit. The immunity should now read quite low, maybe 5 ohms or under since the immunity of the area wires has been quantified. If the immunity is so low, then the issue was a faulty cable connector. Install fresh waterproof wire connectors onto the present solenoid and examine the immunity again in the control.

If the resistance remains high if the common and channel wires are attached together, then there’s an open someplace between the valve and the control, possibly brought on by a faulty cable or cable connector. This error can only be discovered by using cable tracing equipment.

8. This last field wiring evaluation will determine shorts right into the ground. Along with the common being pumped, remove all the channel wires from the control. Insert the screwdriver into the floor (it could be required to wet the floor to guarantee a fantastic link). Twist the next lead into the channel wires and the typical one at one time. Every one of these dimensions must be over 700K (700,000) ohms. Wire tracing equipment ought to be employed to find the issue. Learn more about multimeters review.

9. Transformers may also be analyzed with a multimeter. Connect the meter contributes to the main winding, in other words, the transformer input cables or plug. You may either find a resistance reading or an open. A resistance reading indicates the inner windings are undamaged, an open signifies that the swimmer’s internal fuse is poor and the transformer has to be substituted. The secondary winding, the transformer output signal, is analyzed the exact same manner. Connect the meter contributes to the output signal wires. An open signals that the transformer has to be substituted. The 20 – 60-ohm principle doesn’t apply to transformers. It’s normal to find immunity as low as 3 ohms.

10. A multimeter might also be utilized to ascertain which sort of battery should be utilized at a rotational control. There are just two battery connectors, a big one (feminine) and a bigger one (man). Twist the red probe into the huge connector, then the black probe into the little connector. If the control is intended to take an alkaline battery, then the scanning will probably be near zero volts. When it’s intended to take a rechargeable NiCad battery, then the scanning will probably be between 7 and 13 volts DC. Never use an alkaline battery at a control designed to take a rechargeable battery.

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Electric motors provide some riders a necessary boost, particularly on steep terrain. However, the more recent technologies are prohibited on Durango paths.

Motorized vehicles are prohibited on paths for decades, and lately, Durango City Council added electrical bikes into the list of illegal vehicles for security reasons.

Some e-bikes possess a set-top rate around 20 miles and need that the rider to pedal to engage the engine, but some have a controller and move much quicker.

The council is considering revisiting the subject in the coming years once the SMART 160 Trail linking three Springs into the Animas River Trail is finished, stated Mayor Christina Rinderle.

Some argue that there are bicycles which may be ridden sensibly, and let elderly people keep on riding and allow cyclists of different degrees ride together.

“I feel that is taking a sledgehammer into a problem that may be solved using just a tiny bit better regulations and rules,” Bill “Beatle” Abshagen mentioned of this ban. Learn more E-bike information here.

After several operations, Abshagen utilizes his pedal-assist bicycle to ride hard trails and run errands. His bicycle needs him to pedal to engage the silent motor to scale the hills to the Rockridge subdivision. He turns off it to the Animas River Trail.

The town has banned the bicycles whether the engine is engaged, said Cathy Metz, Parks and Recreation manager.

The City Council took up the issue following Metz along with other parks division personnel noticed people using electrical bicycles on the trails. They desired to make it obvious they’re deemed motorized vehicles and therefore are prohibited.

“Surely, it might be a security problem,” she explained.

The Parks and Recreation and Natural Lands advisory boards endorsed the team and advocated adding electrical bicycles to the town’s ban. These regulations align with principles on national lands, Metz said.

The town boards and staff didn’t believe introducing rates on the river road was an enforceable choice, she explained.

“We believed that execution of this would be hard,” she explained.

The town makes an exclusion for those who have disabilities that are permitted to use motorized vehicles on the road. If somebody is using a car where his disability might not be evident, he could exhibit a disability placard issued by the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles to prevent being questioned by authorities or park rangers, Metz said.

Other communities, such as Boulder and in California, have adopted rules to permit electric bicycles, in part as they’re an environmentally friendly alternative to flying in a vehicle.

Abshagen and many others might love to see Durango reevaluate its own regulations and possibly utilize different towns as a version.

“I think there is some unjustified paranoia that sort of comes together anytime there’s shift … When mountain bicycles first came out there were people who said you should not have the ability to take bicycles off streets,” explained Ed Zink, owner of Mountain Bike Specialists.

Cost is probably the largest barrier, the merchants said.

Abshagen, who’s ridden from the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic 21 occasions, believes it is simply a matter of time until the bicycles get in popularity as the technology gets milder and more prevalent. Meanwhile, he’s not likely to stop driving his bicycle along the Animas River Trail.

“I will only do it anyway and they’re able to take me and there’ll be a litigation and we’ll triumph,” he explained.

While Abshagen would probably not face jail time, he would be fined with his pedal-assist motorcycle.

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Windows 8 has been the first significant redesign of the operating system because the Windows operating system came out. In a particular sense, the title Windows does not apply anymore since the contemporary UI now concentrates on only software rather than multiple ones. Sure, it’s still possible to see two programs simultaneously in a split-screen manner and older apps even launching in the desktop mode that resembles the prior Windows 7.

So, why the significant changes? Pills like the Apple iPad have been a significant threat to overall computing. Therefore, Microsoft rebuilt the functioning system with an emphasis on being operational in this computing form. It has since transformed with Windows 10 that may change between the old Start Menu style along with a Tablet Mode.

Included in the touchscreen is presently the central element in navigating the user interface. Sure the very same tasks may be achieved through a mouse and keyboard, but a number of the quickest and simplest approaches still involve signature. Windows 7 incorporated signature controls to the operating system too, but it differed since it had been more focused on emulating the mouse pointer.

Evidently, if you’re buying a Windows-based tablet computer, you’ll be obtaining a touchscreen-based screen. However, is that a feature which ought to be crucial to get a notebook or desktop?

This report requires a look at the advantages and disadvantages of another computer formats to assist buyers in determining if this is an important feature.


Navigating around software is a lot simpler than attempting to utilize the trackpads that are built to the journals beneath the keyboard.

In reality, lots of the trackpads do encourage multitouch gestures to create switching between programs more straightforward but the aid on lots of the laptops is overly sensitive or only lacking it’s much simpler to perform these tasks using a touchscreen. In reality, there’s a broad choice of models available from producers that currently arrive with touchscreens.

While the advantages of the touchscreen are rather simple to see, a lot of folks don’t necessarily find the drawbacks of owning one. The most apparent of these though is that the common requirement to wash the display. There are complex materials and coatings which may help mitigate the issue, but the glistening layers demonstrate a reasonable quantity of glare and reflections, as well as the smudges, will only make the problem worse particularly if this notebook is used outside in bright light or workplace environments using their fluorescent overhead lighting. Check out our more information about choosing laptops.

Another disadvantage that is not so concrete is battery lifetime. Touchscreen displays draw extra power in any way times to read whether there’s any input from the monitor. Although this power draw may appear modest, it will offer a constant power draw which will lessen the entire operating time of a notebook when compared with a similar installation with no touchscreen.

This reduction in electricity will vary from no more than 5% all the way around twenty percent of total working time depending on the battery size and the energy draw of different elements. Just be warned that lots of companies are not always so accurate in their estimates.

In the end, there’s cost. Touchscreen variations of a notebook cost compared to the standard non-touchscreen-equipped laptop. This is not always going to be a massive price increase, but when an increasing number of individuals are taking a look at tablet computers instead to a notebook, it gets the cost difference between the two more prominent.

Sure, there are some low-cost alternatives available, but buyers are usually sacrificing other features like CPU performance, memory, battery or storage dimensions to acquire the touchscreen.


Desktops fall into two different classes. First, you’ve got the conventional desktop system which needs an outside screen. For all these systems, it’s very definitive a touchscreen isn’t that much of again. Why? Everything comes down to price. Notebook displays are smaller that makes it far more inexpensive to convert it without including an enormous amount. Desktops have much more extensive displays using 24-inch LCDs being very frequent at the moment. By comparison, the standard screen is only $200 or less. That’s roughly double the cost, enough to buy a low-cost tablet along with the background with the regular screen.

While conventional desktops with their outside screens are simple to say they’re not ideal for touchscreens, it’s not as cut and dry to get all-in-one desktops that incorporate the computer to the screen. They still do possess the cost markup. However, the pricing gap will be much smaller than that for outside displays. Obviously, this can also be dependent on the size of this screen for the all-round PC. Smaller 21 into 24-inch versions will have little cost differences in contrast to the considerably larger 27-inch versions. This cost difference could be mitigated by utilizing optical detectors rather than capacitive touch sensors, but they don’t supply the same amount of precision or as appealing layouts.

Most characteristic glass coat on the screens which are more reflective and so display warmth and reflections more easily. The swipes and fingerprints will tend to demonstrate these more depending upon in which the machine is positioned along with the encompassing light. The issue isn’t quite as bad as notebooks which are frequently transferred, but it’s still there.

The touchscreen screens of all-around PCs are a lot less challenging to navigate between programs and carry out specific tasks as a result of this multitouch support; it’s not going to be critical of a characteristic thanks to more precise mice in contrast to the tiny trackpads on notebooks. The one place where the shortcuts will not be as robust is launch apps as it’s highly dependent on the start screen along with the charms pub.

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The initial 30 owners of this new Tesla Model 3 obtained their automobiles Friday night — and the planet’s media received a (very short) first glance also. Why is it so particular, and what are the drawbacks? check out this website for more information.


1. It is all electric. The Tesla Model 3 includes a 220-310 mile range depending on your favorite specs, and there’s zero gas involved. Tesla currently has its Gigafactory, so they’re all in!

2. Crazy, tech. It is possible to come across the speedometer situated on the flat 15-inch touchscreen at the upper corner.

3. You could afford you. The Tesla Model 3 includes a four-year, 50,000-mile guarantee, using an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the battery. Variable in any local electric car incentives and it’ll be quite appealing to a.

4. It is a vehicle for the masses. Now that creation of Tesla automobiles has been awakened to 500,000 cars each year by a portion of the number; we ought to observe far more about the streets. Prices are coming down due to the Gigafactory.

5. It keeps up with all the X and S. It’s been noted that Elon Musk had initially intended to predict the Model 3 the Model E. The Model 3 includes lots of immersion (5.1 to 5.6 minutes 0-60mph) and also the same responsive, grippy, balanced qualities of this Model S and Model X. Long live electrical!


1. There is not much to touch base. If you want the tactile sense of switches and dials at a car, then do not purchase a Tesla. Nevertheless, the levers (I think they’re out of Mercedes) and just two easy steering wheel switches (which could control a lot of functions on the touchscreen) are sufficient to make driving simple.

2. Over-designed? The glass roof, which extends down on the back seats puts you into a type of sound bubble. It has been noted there’s just one air compressor which takes care of all of the climate management. As for me, I enjoy this form of innovative layout, but it will not be to everybody’s taste. We have not heard yet about real life, lengthy range evaluations for the way the cottage surroundings feels, so watch that space.

3. Tesla has a rigorous policy of releasing its automobiles to clients and early adopters initially, rather than journalists. They’ll build the new and its achievement, not the critics. It means many clients put their deposits down understanding very little about the vehicle — but will you?

4. You may be unable to control it. If you reside in a block of apartments with no garage at present, you’re taking a look at road charging or quitting in a Supercharger on your way to operate. Not perfect.

5. The wait may be too long. Therefore the Model 3 isn’t a ‘people’s car’ just yet — but using its initial measures; it will make an excellent impression of being in the not too distant future.

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With its incredible functionality and stunning design, I could not help but predict it the trendiest electric bicycle ever. In an attempt to find out more about PiMobility along with the electric bike business I have asked PiMobilility’s creator Marcus Hays to connect us. Marcus has been developing and producing advanced electric vehicles and bikes since 1995 when used as a consultant to automotive business titan, Lee Iacocca. In 2008 Marcus launched an electrical motorcycle land speed record in the Bonneville Land Speed Record Trials moving 68 mph.

Are bicycles getting some ground?

The rising popularity of the designs right correlates I think to the increasing amount of dedicated bikeways being set up by municipalities nationally.

Where do electrical bikes fit into the mix?

Making the jump to bike from the car is a good example of magnitude in engineering (I think forward) that electrical bikes conquer via a quiet electric motor which supplies a much-needed power boost on hills differently confined to athletes. The consequences of the technology are so very clear.

 Lithium batteries have decreased end-product weight by 70 percent when doubling per fee range. There also have been considerable improvements in charging technologies; for example, recharging periods are a half hat that they were only two decades back. All this equates to more economical, better, faster and more range electric vehicles. I feel it is safe to presume that all types of transport are going to be battery powered at the not too distant future.

Who’s the perfect client for an electric bicycle?

Smaller, lighter batteries also have jeopardized product growth maturity inside the bicycle industry as a whole that leads today in a raft of products providing functionality and styles as diverse as conventional non-electric alternatives. Past and longstanding assumptions that electric bikes were the exclusive territory of those elderly or infirm are shattered. For instance, college students needing a low price, low-carbon transit (back into the no permit and enrollment section) are no more only auto-centric. Perhaps the most significant shift we have seen is needed out of 30 something urbanites that, dropping automobile ownership for an assortment of motives, are replacing their cars with electrical bicycles. However as these folks demand style and quality equivalent to their computers and mobile electronics, also because the PiCycle is among those few purpose-built electric bikes, we are getting a favorite among this particular group.

electric bikeways are coming

Inform us around PiMobility. How did your organization come about and what are the aims?

Pi Mobility is an offshoot of a 4-wheel electrical hybrid to 1995. But when Lee Iacocca kept my services in 1998 to get an electrical bike specific project I had been enamored with the idea. However traditional electric bike manufacturing based on intersecting tubes led in conclusion goods either dull or duller, therefore, it is highly gratifying to find with the debut of the PiCycle you will see lots and a lot of individuals who share my opinion. PiCycle’s structure can be versatile enough that version variations are virtually infinite.

Just how much do your bicycles price?

PiCycle starts at $2,499, and choices are as heavy as one’s creativity. Made-in-USA allows just-in-time stock levels that encourage wealthy customization while profit margins are simultaneously improved.

For more info about electric bicycles, check out for the future of electric bikes.

Looking for a stylish kitchen to go with your stylish electric car. Well look no further, we highly recommend you try Glacier’s Faucet range, available from Amazon.

If you have a Glacier Bay faucet, then there’s a fantastic chance that it came from Home Depot, that’s the only outlet for that new plumbing products. It is no longer a futile exercise to go to Home Depot to search for parts to your faucet — that the big box store now stocks many replacement components that you can locate online in addition to by seeing in person. The people at Home Depot may be able to order it if you’ve got a faucet, but it’s possible to get in touch with the manufacturer yourself.

Get the Manufacturer

Glacier Bay taps are manufactured by Globe Union Industrial Corp, a Chinese company that operates in the United States as Globe Union USA and in Canada as Globe Union Canada. This firm has its own brand — Gobo — and it’s a significant supplier for such well-known faucet makers as Peerless, Chicago Faucets, Danze and Toto. Glacier Bay — like Aquadyne and Pegasus — are private tap tags for products distributed solely by Home Depot.

You can also shop for faucets from If you want to read more about these amazing faucets be sure to check out the Glacier Bay faucets review.


Concrete blocks in the hardware store

credit: Igor Aronov/iStock/Getty Images

The company that produces Glacier Bay toilet products, North American conglomerate Foremost Groups, does not sell these products directly. It spreads them exclusively through Home Depot, and that’s really where you should go if you will need a replacement part for your Glacier Bay toilet. You may have the ability to use a generic replacement part, however, and if so, you can probably get it at any hardware store.

Finding Your Own Toilet Model

Before getting in your car and driving into the nearest Home Depot, begin your search by visiting the home improvement outlet’s website, notably its own Glacier Bay toilets and seats. In case the preceding link does not work, click into the website’s home page and place your browser arrow over “Bath & Faucets” in the Department menu at the left of the webpage, then pick “Water Saving Toilets”. When you click on that link you’ll visit a page with a drop-down menu labeled “Brand.” Pick “Glacier Bay” in that menu to arrive at most of the Glacier Bay bathroom models currently available at the shop. Find your version in the list of alternatives.

Shopping for Parts

Knowing your bathroom model name and quantity can allow you to locate the parts you need when you reach your regional Home Depot, but be ready for the possibility that the components are not in stock. Generally, you are going to need to settle for components from different manufacturers, although A sales clerk may have the ability to purchase them to you. By way of example, Glacier Bay bathrooms feature third-party fill and flush valves. It can help to bring the part that is defective so you can visually recognize a part, or at least one that will get the job done.

Most Parts Are Generic

The only sections of a Glacier Bay bathroom that you can’t replace with a generic product would be the bowl, tank and lid. The bowl conforms to normal dimensions, and it will be match by any seat. You may use flush and fill valves aside from those specifically recommended for Glacier Bay toilets, since the water inlet holes and flush openings at the tank possess dimensions and regular placement. The water supply hose is a typical one. The wax ring and bolts you need are generic, if you had to eliminate your toilet and reset it.

In the event the tank, lid or bowl on your Glacier Bay toilet should crack or split, you will likely find it easier to replace the whole toilet than trying to obtain a replacement part for your existing bathroom. Home Depot bowls, does not stock tanks or lids to your Glacier Bay toilets it sells. And for it to arrive, even though the customer support department may be able to order one, it may require up to a week, and you may end up paying for it as you would for a new bathroom.

The pre-Clovis occupation of Florida: The Page-Ladson and Wakulla Springs Lodge Data
James S. Dunbar 

The Page-Ladson stratigraphy provides the first well-dated, substantially uninterrupted, regional, Pleistocene-type section in the Southeast US. Near the bottom of that section is a pre-Clovis level with artifacts and Pleistocene megafauna remains. A battery of seven statistically related radiocarbon dates were taken on Unit 3 samples and, when averaged, yield an radiocarbon age of 12,425 ±32 14C BP. This radiocarbon age was calibrated to a calendar-year range from 14,588 to 14,245 cal. years BP. This means that humans utilized the Page-Ladson site about 1,500 calendar years before Clovis. Lanceolate projectile points made on thin flakes were recovered from displaced context at the Page-Ladson site and appear to be the most likely pre-Clovis candidates. The Wakulla Springs Lodge site yielded the same point type from the deepest level of the site along with preforms including a very large Simpson-like preform. Evidence from the Wakulla Springs Lodge site indicates that flakes extracted from large biface preforms, such as the Simpson preform, were used to manufacture smaller lanceolate projectiles. This point type has been named the Page-Ladson and is similar in many respects to the Cactus Hill pre-Clovis point. It will be the presenter’s intent to track the implications and evidence for per-Clovis Paleoindian activity over the landscape from Georgia into North Florida because it appears the mastodon and the Pre-Clovis Paleoindians migrated to the Page-Ladson site from Georgia. The implications of Paleoindian hunting strategies will be discussed.

James S. Dunbar, Senior Archaeologist
CARL Archaeological Program, Bureau of Archaeological Research
Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State

James S. Dunbar received a BA degree from the University of Florida and masters’ degree from Florida State University and is currently enrolled in graduate classes at FSU. In Feb. 1976 he began work as an archaeological field agent with the underwater archaeological program of the Florida Bureau. Since then his experience includes the inspection of historic and prehistoric sites both on land and underwater. He was coprincipal investigator of fieldwork and analysis carried out on the Paleoindian components at the Page-Ladson site. He now works with the CARL Archaeological Program and has been involved with numerous archaeological surveys conducted on state lands. His primary area of research interest is the Paleoindian occupation of Florida and the Southeast. Particularly, he is interested in the temporal, environmental, and technological aspects related to the Paleoindian Tradition including dietary evidence. He has published numerous archaeological articles, reports, and book chapters.

tesla supercharger

Hello and Welcome to my Tesla blog

Welcome to my very first blog about Tesla Motors and my experience as owner of a Tesla P85D. I hope you will find this blog informative, fun and that you will follow me through my journey of owning my first Tesla in Norway.

This just in, the latest in European tech news is that Tesla Motors will be expanding their supercharging network in Czech.

This is a much-needed upgrade to connect the east with the west, for Tesla drivers at least.


Prague supercharging station incoming!

The latest news coming from Tesla motors is that Czech will receive two more supercharging stations, to complement the one currently in Humpolec (around 80km from Prague).

This news can be seen on Tesla’s supercharger map,17.396027,49.5329452,17.1630437,d?place=olomoucsupercharger&search=store,service,supercharger,destination%20charger

which includes plans for a charging station in the center of Prague, as well as one in Olomouc, around 150 km towards the south-west, close to the Polish and Slovak borders.

This is great news for those heading through Germany to Hungary for example, total diet as previously it was very difficult to make the trip all the way from the Supercharger just outside Dresden to the one in Brno for example.

Now with the charging station in Prague, Tesla drivers can relax and enjoy a stroll around St Charles bridge or one of the beautiful medieval cathedrals.

The stations are planned to be operational at the end of 2017, and for now Tesla drivers are recommended to use destination charging or one of the many type 2 plugs available.

This American company is spreading their wings across the pond and we here at HD Portal are glad to report that these 2 charging stations are not the only plans for their ever-growing supercharging network.

Many more stations are planned for the center of Europe, especially in France. Also, Tesla plans a couple along the Mediterranean, in Italy and Spain especially. This will enable those from the colder parts of Europe to drive down to South in search of sunny weather and a bit of a tan!

What do you think about these plans, please share with us in the comment section below. If you know of any supercharging stations coming up near you, or can recommend any good destination charging hotels we would love to hear about it.

If you would like to read more about Tesla ownership costs, what it is like to own your own Tesla, and just various other cool tips and facts about the car and the manufacturer, then head over to my friends cool Tesla blog. He gives a first-hand experience of what it is like to own a Tesla and live the Elon Musk dream!

If you want you can leave a comment in the comment section below. I always appreciate hearing from fellow Tesla motorists about where you think the next supercharging station should be placed, or just anything you might have on your mind. If not then check out my next post or return to Clov is in the South East for an overview of all the articles on my blog.